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Dr. Sukhwant Bhullar DVM - Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Sukhwant Bhullar DVM - Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Bhullar, a second generation veterinarian, has been dedicated to field of Veterinary Medicine in Canada since 2015. Graduating with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Punjab, India in 2008, he initially gained experience in mixed animal practice before embarking on a new chapter in Canada. Determined to excel in his profession, Dr. Bhullar successfully completed all three parts of the National Examining Board (NEB) examination sequence, earning a well deserved Certificate of Qualification. 

With his DVM license in hand, Dr. Bhullar began his journey as a small animal veterinarian at High Street Animal Hospital in Peterborough. Despite the daily commute from Etobicoke to Peterborough, he wholeheartedly dedicated himself to providing exceptional care to his furry patients for four and half years. However, driven by a desire to be closer to his own community, Dr. Bhullar made the bold decision to open his own practice in Stouffville. 

Passionate about delivering top notch care to pets, Dr. Bhullar remains committed to staying at the forefront of Veterinary Medicine. He eagerly embraces new developments in the field by actively participating in Veterinary Conferences and diligently reading articles on the latest technologies, drugs, treatments, and research on diseases from the esteemed Veterinary Information Network. 

Dr. Bhullar's unwavering dedication to his profession and is continuous pursuit of knowledge ensures that pets under his care receive the highest quality of care possible.